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Project Description:
The innovative 7th Framework Programme support action MarineTT – European Marine Research Knowledge Transfer and Uptake of Results – aims to transfer and exploit outputs of recent marine related EU funded projects. MarineTT is part of a package of initiatives launched by the FP7 Theme Environment in 2009, with the aim to promote better communication strategies and innovative approaches for the dissemination and uptake of research results in the area of the marine environment.

MarineTT intends to analyse 6th and 7th FP RTD projects in order to identify high potential “knowledge outputs” for different target audiences. Where high potential outputs are identified MarineTT will then design and carry out targeted knowledge transfer activities to ensure end users receive and use the outputs.
The MarineTT partnership will also feedback results to the EC which may help frame future RTD priorities and research project design.

Importance of the participation of the project coordinators:
The success of MarineTT very much depends on the participation of FP6 and FP7 project coordinators. Coordinators are best placed to complete the survey due to their knowledge of the project and the outputs generated.

Questionnaire Structure:
Step 1: Description – provides general information on your project for you to validate.
Step 2: Transfer Potential – enquiries about the potential to apply the project outputs.
Step 3: Your Perspective – provides a forum for general comments and feedback on the project.
Step 4: Upload Documents - upload public and final report and other project outputs.